Accessible Bathroom for Doris’ House

Last year, Doris was involved in a debilitating car accident. Since the accident, she has gone through many months of medical treatment and rehabilitation. While she has made great strides, her home now presents many accessibility challenges. Her main bathroom presents the greates of these challenges. This project is to install anti-slip flooring, a side-opening tub, a taller toilet, a new sink and mirror, and handrails.

Idea for Pascal’s Wager | Organized by Tyrell Corporation

A random idea

Because it’s random.

Create community, identity, and stability

Art, literature, and scientific freedom must be sacrificed to secure the ultimate utilitarian goal of maximising societal happiness.

Idea for Pascal’s Wager | Organized by Tyrell Corporation

Evil God Challenge

The Evil God Challenge is a thought experiment. The challenge is to explain why an all-good god should be more likely than an all-evil god. Those who advance this challenge assert that, unless there is a satisfactory answer to the challenge, there is no reason to accept God is good or can provide moral guidance.

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Invent a better shade of blue

Blue has been used for art and decoration since ancient times. The semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, coming from mines in Afghanistan, was used in ancient Egypt for jewelry and ornament and later, in The Renaissance, to make the pigment ultramarine, the most expensive of all pigments. It is the most important color in Judaism. In the Middle Ages, cobalt blue was used to colour the stained glass windows of cathedrals. Beginning in the 9th century, Chinese artists used cobalt to make fine blue and white porcelain. Blue dyes for clothing were made from woad in Europe and indigo in Asia and Africa. In 1828 a synthetic ultramarine pigment was developed, and synthetic blue dyes and pigments gradually replaced mineral pigments and vegetable dyes.

Paint Rampart Street a bright shade of blue.

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Idea for Create More Replicants | Organized by Tyrell Corporation

A crosswalk to the bus stop would be swell!

I nearly die every day crossing this street to catch my bus. I’d like Tyrell corporation to do its part and sponsor some nifty crosswalk paint to my stop.

Idea for Create More Replicants | Organized by Tyrell Corporation

Is Deckard a human or a replicant?

Deckard’s unicorn dream sequence coinciding with Gaff’s parting gift of an origami unicorn is seen by many as showing that Deckard is a replicant – as Gaff could have accessed Deckard’s implanted memories. The interpretation that Deckard is a replicant is challenged by others who believe the unicorn imagery shows that the characters, whether human or replicant, share the same dreams and recognize their affinity, or that the absence of a decisive answer is crucial to the film’s main theme. The inherent ambiguity and uncertainty of the film, as well as its textual richness, have permitted viewers to see it from their own perspectives.